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Electrolytic Coloring Of Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloys

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however as the electrolytic coloring is going on and the currents decrease reaching a limited value then these ratios change slightly not only with respect to the time of coloring but also to the , comparison of integral and electrolytic coloring of anodic coatings two primary methods of coloring architectural anodized coatings in bronze shades have been used, the main task of this work was to study the influence of the different parameters on the electrolytic coloring process for aluminum including plate quality appearance adhesion thermal stability coating color coating thickness coloring time agitation electrode material ac voltage concentration of organic additives and surface topography, as the name suggests there are two steps to this coloring process and they are both electrolytic the first step is the anodizing of the aluminum and the second step is the coloring of the aluminum. DISCLAIMER: Thіs imаge is provided only for personal uѕе. If yоu found аnу imageѕ сopyrighted to yours, рlease contact uѕ and we will rеmovе it. We dоn't іntеnd tо display аnу copyrіght protеctеd images.